About iProtect

About iProtect

iProtect and its associated companies and practices have 5 services that we provide, which are focused around our core competency of Asset Protection and Estate Planning using Trust structures. These are: iProtect Client Support; iProtect Training Seminars, Trust Structuring, Independent Trusteeship and Trust Accounting.  Our competency in this field is based upon the capacity of the legal practice of DVK National, which is the leading registrar of Trusts in South   Africa. Jose Delgado and Rob Velosa are widely regarded as the leaders in this specialized field.

iProtect provides these services to individual and corporate clients, referred by our contracted affiliates or via our various marketing channels. We only provide the specified services as contracted in our affiliate agreements. In return we offer a referral fee per Trust to the affiliate Broker/Agent, and ensure that the properly structured client is passed back to the referring affiliate. Typically our affiliates come from the financial services, property or professional industries.