iProtect specialises in Asset protection and Estate Planning using Trusts, Corporate- and Commercial structures. iProtect provides these services to clients both independently and through affiliates in the financial services, property and professional industries. Typically, clients requiring our specialised services are self-employed professionals, business owners, high net-worth individuals and multiple property owners.


The objective is to transfer your entire estate into Trust.  Achieving the ideal position of owning no assets.  This state of affairs will eliminate taxes and duties such as CGT, estate duties and executors fees which are triggered on death.  These duties and taxes are substantial and are payable in cash.  In addition you will also ensure continuity for your heirs as all Trust-held assets are not frozen as part of your deceased estate.

A Trust is the only entity in our law that can offer the individual total asset protection; this is achieved by virtue of the fact that a Trust is not owned by any one individual, and is an entity or legal persona quite distinct from the individuals who benefit from it.  This unique position allows for the separation of assets from individual/individuals who benefit from or use the assets owned by the Trust.  Once all one’s assets have been legitimately transferred to Trusts, the individual/individuals will have divested themselves of the ownership of all their assets yet subject to certain conditions, will benefit from and enjoy the use of the assets held by the Trust.